Your Bridge to a Successful Future

Round One Admissions Consulting Co. (R1) provides professional admissions consulting services for high-achieving international graduate school applicants who aim to study abroad in North America, Europe, and Asia to earn their MBA or other advanced degrees in a variety of fields, so that they can put their careers on the fast-track and become leaders within their existing organization, or in a new company or industry, either in their home country or overseas. Thus, R1 provides much more than mere MBA Counseling.

In our modern world, the only constant is change and it is happening at an increasingly rapid pace. Disruptive innovation is quickly making existing business models obsolete and forcing companies to reinvent themselves, or face extinction. As these seismic shifts occur in the global business landscape, human resources will need to adapt in order to be able to add value to their organizations and avoid becoming redundant and expendable. Earning advanced degrees in top graduate schools overseas makes this possible.

R1's clients have excelled in their post-graduate careers and many have returned to seek our support once again to realize their dreams of making career transitions. Among them, some have even launched their own innovative organizations and become successful entrepreneurs. As more and more people have realized that lifetime employment is a thing of the past, they have decided to get out of their “comfort zone” and challenge new post-graduate careers. This trend inspired R1 to launch its Career Transition service.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level and truly reach your full potential, then we invite you to explore our website to determine how R1 can meet your needs.